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Happy Anniversary!

Also, you now have 2,300 fans ;]

I knew you were long here, but wow... Reading your speech made me realize, that I'm making silly animations for 7 years now.
And heck, I haven't come nearly as far as you did.

I wanna say, that you're absolutely amazing and congratulations to your 10th anniversary of being a creator.

I remember your stuff back in the day. And your VGDC bit hits home man.... I still miss Randy to this day. :/

Great post!

I really regret not meeting up with you when I had the chance, but at the same time it was a really bad year for me where money was a major issue :C

Thank you for sharing.

(I could've posted this message with my new account but figured you'd be more likely to recognize this one.)

I never realized we'd both been creating things for the Internet for ten years. It was always cool seeing you on VGDC and watching your abilities develop--it challenged me to expand my work, too--and it's fascinating to me how you've branched out in recent years. I'm glad we were able to indirectly work alongside one another, too, because you're a fun fellow to hang out with. I still consider you one of the greats as far as sprite animation is concerned and wish you luck in the future with all your brand new crazy-sounding projects. Keep on following that inspiration!

Wow, that was quite a read! I remember your games :)

Yeap, a lot can change in 10 years.

You've been inspired by Randy Solem, and now you are an inspiration to others.

As long as that creative spark lives on, I think we'll do okay.

Happy anniversary!
Great stories =]

MajinPiccolo sounds like a complete loser.

One day, we'll cross paths in person. I have a feeling it will involve many a Guinness and wicked-ass high-fives. Cheers, mate. It has been 10 years, huh? I'll have to write my own "memoir" now :P I hope you're doing well! -J

Awesome post. It really gets me thinking about my experience here on NG and how I got started.

Great to see you've succeeded so well, congrats and good luck at the convention.

At the risk of sounding corny, you were one of the first people to get me into sprite animation. Thwomps The Movie is one of my favorite sprite flashes to this day. You definitely inspired me to make an attempt at sprite flashes. I've been on NG for 6 years and all I have to show for it are two flashes that only made it past judgment because it was a holiday. Hopefully I'll make at least one decent submission before your 20th anniversary.

That was quite the read. I've been a fan of yours for nearly 10 years, myself (damn, has it really been that long!?), and I've enjoyed every animation of yours I've seen (which is about 90% of the ones here, and a few others on SheezyArt). I'm also a huge fan of the Bullet Bill series, and shortly after the third one released, I started to make my own version in Game Maker, which I scrapped for a number of reasons, but maybe one day I'll pick it back up and complete it, if that's alright with you.

I've seen you grow as an animator over the years; the amount of skills you learn and apply in each movie just amazes me the more I watch. It's truly remarkable how much better you get over the years when you keep applying yourself and refuse to give up. I now know that you have a lot of big projects in store and are working very hard at them, and I hope you return to these video game animations whenever you can.

There is so much more I want to say to you right now, but I can't find the right words and the comments system will only let me write so much (even though I have over 1,000 characters remaining at this point). All I can say now is best of luck to you and to all your present and future endeavors.

Your fan,
-RaymanFan1995 (Goombill is my old Internet name)

Thank you for this speech, it made me think about all of your works I have watched and played over those 10 years. It sure was a fun ride and it will continue like one.

I hope that I can share such an exciting story of my life one day.

-iFluffi (AKA FluffiMasta)

When will be back MajinPiccolo?
I want to see Realm of the Video Game 5.

You really had me up until you spilled the MLP shit.

time flies, i also remember majinpiccolo

Dawwwww. I just randomly found this post while searching for something on google. Love ya dude! Great read! Keep doing what do babeh. -Yusi1up