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Dr. Bullet Bill 3 or: How I Learned To Stop Getting Mad Over Videogames

Posted by Psycosis91 - November 16th, 2011

It seems that a fair number of you might be getting mad over videogames. Hopefully, this blog will help you in your quest to not be mad over videogames! Specifically, Bullet Bill 3.

General Tips:
Don't look at your character: The game might be based around reflexes but the majority of the game you still get enough time to know what to do. If you hang back on the left, you should be paying attention to the center or the right hand of the screen. Know what's coming up so you can react accordingly. It's how I end up playing rhythm games such as Rock Band or Guitar Hero, you never look at where the notes are playing played, you look at the center and react accordingly.

Don't be afraid to use your ability: The ability functionality was put in to make the game easier, and I give you possibly the most useful one up front, the stop watch. Every time you die you get a small part of ability added to the meter, so if you're really stuck on a level, just die a bunch of times to get a full abiltiy meter, I won't judge you.

If all else fails, you can cheat: If you don't have high reaction time, try pausing the level (using escape/enter/space/middle click), moving your mouse to when it needs to be, and unpausing it again. Hell I don't care about this exploit, I ended up using it in the last few levels! There is also hidden cheats menu somewhere in the main menu where you can unlock everything, or generally mess up the game, but youcan't unlock any medals or save progress while cheats are on.

Boss battles:
Fuck the key: Seriously you guys, if you can't handle the phanto then just don't pick up the key, plain and simple! The game is designed to be able to play back any world you've already completed, you don't have to do everything the first time! Beat the game, unlock the starman ability, and then go back and see if that helps.

Boss pattern: The bosses follow the same patterns they had in Super Mario Bros. 3, when they are out of their shell, attack! Three hits and they're out. When the boss goes from being in their shell to exposing themselves, they always shoot their wand, it stops you from just lurking right next to them for an easy hit.

Bowser can be tough: Bowser also has his ground pound attack which can make that battle a lot harder, after every ground pound he's out of his shell for a few frames, even if he immediately jumps again, try exploiting that if you're really good at timing!

Unlocking characters:
Bonus characters are the easiest to get: From World 2 to 7, there are orange music notes scattered throughout the worlds. by hitting these you launch into the skies. Completing this bonus level and beating the easy boss unlocks a new character. And you don't even have to carry a key! It's perfect!

Phanto is a dick: I love all the comments saying Phanto is too hard, I coded him specifially to be a dick, so it looks like I nailed it! Seriously, I'm happy with myself. My strategy here is quit being bad at videogames.

Phanto is surprisingly easy if you're not terrible at videogames: Phanto's attack pattern is as such, he shows up on the right, stops, and then slowly speed up toward the left, curving towards where you are. Where in this pattern is he most vulnerable? The very beginning! The way to beat a phanto is to pass by him as early as possible.

Seriously you guys it's easy: If you cower to the left of the screen, by the time the phanto reaches you, he's already curved to your general direction, and he's incredibly fast, meaning he can curve a lot more. So don't cower in the left, stay center/right of the screen, where the phanto is slow and can't curve all that well.

Ignore the koopa kids: Phanto will be your biggest enemy in key boss battles, making sure you can avoid the phanto at all costs, and only attack the koopa kids when you know you're safe. The abilities don't work on the phanto (and later on checkpoints don't work either, so be warned) so use these against the koopa kids.

Wendy is incredibly cheap: Maybe you should be better at videogames. Ok I admit Wendy is kind of a bitch. But that was her attack pattern in Super Mario Bros. 3, I had to stay true to the material. The worst thing you can do here is let the rings be fired diagonally. Try to make the first and second rings be shot horizontally, maybe even angled down just a little bit. This will ensure the rings will be bouncing around where the koopa's ship is, leaving the top area safe... well, relatively speaking.

Getting medals:
You can't get medals using the creation tools: There are a lot of level based medals, such as hit 6 enemies in a row, or get killed by a phanto after you cross the ending gate, but you can't get these using the creation tools, sorry! What you can do in the creation tools, however, is get those collective medals. There are a bunch of medals for collecting a lot of coins, hitting a lot of enemies, and so on. Feels free to farm these ones using the creation tools if you really want to.

Misc stuff:
The hidden worlds: If you've completed the main eight worlds, be sure to check your save file. After beating 8-4 the save file moves to World A-1. There are four hidden worlds full of even harder levels for the more insane of you out there!

And that's all I can think to say! Leave a message asking questions you want me to address here and if I can come up with a good enough response I'll add it in. Thanks a bunch to everyone who enjoyed my game, and I hope this helps!

Dr. Bullet Bill 3 or: How I Learned To Stop Getting Mad Over Videogames


man,the boss part with the key is freakinhard, looks like you didn´t make this game for anyone wins, i liked it ! but i hope to see more animatios from yours, is there any possibility to we watch world 3-4 ? i love this series

Wow, a lot of people just suck at video games. Shame.

I thought the difficulty in the game was perfect. It was very easy the first few worlds and it progressively got harder. It started getting challenging in world 7/8. Once I finished I went back to get the keys, which I was able to do for the first three worlds (so far).

Anyways, I really love he game. Goodjob<3.

I have to agree on you with the Phanto, my only suggestion would be to make him on top of all the other graphics, ie above the ship.

Great game man, absolutely love it!

Loved the game, got all medals unlocked except 2 of them, the one that says "bullet bill is paralyzed it can't move!" and the one that says you know picking up the key can only lead to trouble, just don't doki doki panic!" i feel really hardcore and incomplete D= but overall it was a game for real gamers

Go home and be a family man!

I agree on you just by not one thing in mario against wendy is that you almost always have a powerup (or a mushroom available)

Well, you are very good at alienating your casual gaming audience by deliberately being an asshole, I'll give you that much, but apart from that your guide is shit.
"Don't get the key if you can't handle it". Wow, amazing strategy info there!
"I'm going to program these extras into the game BUT YOU CAN'T GET THEM IF YOU'RE SHIT LULZ". Half the time the game forces you to grab the key anyway by wahcking it straight in the middle of a tiny corridor. Instead of ignoring player advice, you could actually make it more enjoyable for a larger majority by making some changes. BUT WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT DURRR.

Quit gettin' mad at videogames.

^Lol, it's not that hard.

Now where's World 3-4?

Gaaah my save file keeps disappearing! I had 3 keys as well :(
Really nice game btw, gonna finish it at some point.. but I'd rather do it in segments.

My only question is how you change what level you go to. I've been fiddling with the New Game/Continue page for a while now, trying to change levels and go back

Go home and cry somewhere else. If so many people are mad about your design choices then you're probably what we like to call in regular gaming society wrong. No, no, no, shut up. The fact that you have to justify yourself with such a long ass post obviously means you're feeling insecure and defensive. The jerk-ass use of swearing and belittling of your audience doesn't help.

Abu-bu-bu-but! Nope keep on shuttin' up. You made poor design choices and instead of owning up to it you jump on your audience. The people you made the game for!
Grow up. I'm not mad at the video game. I just don't play crap. I avoid it and spend time on games and developers who can take a little thing called criticism. You know that thing that makes you a better creator? Nah, you couldn't possibly know anything about that.

Anyway, I don't hate the game, I hate the developer. The game suffers from crippling scaling and uneven difficulty and instead of saying, "Hey guys, I'm a-going to do you a solid and get on that." You say, "Lol U mad, bro?"

Quit gettin' mad at videogames.

^Go play some retro games. Those were hard and has so-called "poor design".


People don't play enough NES and SNES games. The Phantos are my best friends and I love them.

Seriously, though, they're freakin' PHANTOS. You can't expect the game to be easier when you're playing against freakin' PHANTOS. I love the Phantos.


Also, I know you never check your PM's, but is there any chance of you reading the one I just sent you? If not, dat's okai

Is there any way to actually kill Phantos, or can you only avoid him? Also, I really love the game.

hey man, i just beat the entire game and closed the window, my medals still there but i just lost all my saved data, what the hell happened? =(

how do you change the character in bullet bill 3?

Thanks for the suggestions and great game! I can't stop playing. One question, where does one find and download the music from your game? I want it!

When I first played this game, I had found it nearly impossible to dodge the mask and unlock any character. But when I mastered (what a mastery!) it, though, it took me only 1 hour to unlock ALL of the characters (including the bonus ones). So it isn't as hard as it seems. All you need to do is to realize the pattern, time your movements well and trust your videogame skills.

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