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I released a non-mashup EP that's sort of ok!

2012-10-30 06:16:47 by Psycosis91

If y'all been following me on the tumbles then inbetween being annoyed that I haven't released a game for nearly a year and no new sprite movie announcements and all the pony shit and Space Jam mashups a-

Well, whatever, you like Gravity Falls? I sure do. Here, have some free music. r

It's shit but it's my first attempt at actual music in god knows how long so hey maybe I'll be doing some of this too!

I released a non-mashup EP that's sort of ok!


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2012-10-30 14:21:24

Glad your still being creative.


2012-10-30 22:52:33

yea! that was what I will say!


2012-11-03 20:40:49

:D I LOVE GRAVITY FALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

....... When do ya think it'll come back on Disney Channel?